Attitude Aptitude and the Apostrophe

Attitude, Aptitude and the Apostrophe

Attitude, Aptitude and the Apostrophe

Many of my students are preparing for midterm exams or finals. With the cold weather and snow, some schools have re-scheduled their exams, making organizing a sound studying strategy a little more difficult. Not knowing when your exam is, makes it hard to pace yourself. But, if you were studying all along, and know what to expect on your midterm or final exam, you have very little to worry about.

Let's start with those who have an over confident attitude -- they know everything. They know the subject matter like they know their names. They always got great grades in school. They know they'll do well on the final. But, will they be satisfied with a B or do they really want the A? I take the good students, the successful student and show them how to become great students. My techniques cut study time. I help turn Bs to As.

Now, suppose you didn't study all semester, you have a C or D average or even worse, you risk failing your courses. If you have the aptitude and the right attitude, you might be able to pass your class by learning the required material without having to stress out and cram.

Regardless of your learning style, your previous class experience, it all comes down to the apostrophe. What is it that you will claim to be yours? Will it be Student's excellent passing grade or student's OK grade? The apostrophe makes your schoolwork, your grades, yours.

Now it's time for you to just simply fill in the blank with what you want to be your own.

Good luck on your midterms and finals. Please contact me through WyzAnt if you have any questions or if you think I might be of help.

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